Data Integrity Assessment

Tracing the life-cycle of data and ensuring the sanctity of it

Whether you have DI open action items or want to conduct a DI assessment of your Laboratory IT or Manufacturing IT systems - our experts can conduct an extensive consultative approach towards Data Integrity assessment. Some of the services we provide are -

  • Qualitative review of your existing SDLC policies, SOPs, and more.
  • Determination of your paper data, electronic data, raw data; and static and dynamic data.
  • Usage of your notebooks and forms associated with the computer systems.
  • Assessing System security and Identity management.
  • Operational usage of Electronic signatures and Audit Trails.
  • Review of current Data retention policies and availability of data.
  • Data backup, archive, restore and recovery processes.
  • Training for support and use of computer systems that collect, generate, store, analyze, and/or report regulated data.

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